New Zealand Guide Needed

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New Zealand Guide Needed

Post by chingadero » Wed Jan 24, 2018 8:14 pm

First, is it just me or is the TU site a bit, umm... challenged?

Recently they started a daily barrage of Open Forum e-mail. Fine, I can delete or filter as needed.

Changing subjects, this afternoon I was told I need to be in New Zealand next month for work. Can you guess how long it took me to think about fishing?

I remembered the TU blasts and found a link from the January 23 Open Forum Digest for 'New Zealand Fly Fishing Guide?' Perfect, clicked through and it wants my login. No worries, I was already logged in on another tab. Yet it refused my login. Again and again.

So back to the other tab and I searched for 'New Zealand Fly Fishing Guide'. Apparently, there are some good guides in California. Searched 'New Zealand' - apparently, there are some mudsnail challenges. Went to the Community page - nada. So, I won't be back to their site soon.

Moving on, has anyone been there recently or can point me to a reputable outfit? I'll be operating out of Wellington.


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