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Re: Whitlock/Vibert Box Program

Post by Jimbo Roberts » Mon Jan 29, 2018 4:57 pm

Ron is right, when you are fishing with friends, who happen to be good fishermen, everything seems easy.
Ron and I have been fishing together for decades, and not just Trout fishing, but fishing many Hill Country Rivers for Bass and Perch.
We've had so many epic days fishing out of the way places and catching too many to accurately count.

One thing that stands out of course was filming "On the Rise" for TU. I remember that up to that point, the shows they had filmed that season had not gone so well. They had shows with very few fish caught, and mostly small fish. We told them the Gudalupe would pose no such problems. They said they alloted 2 days for filming and I told them they would have enough for a 3 hour show by the end of the first day. Both Ron and myself caught many fish before Frank even hooked his first. We filmed at 2 locations and by 3pm of the first day of filming, they had much more than they needed for the show and we had the crew fishing and catching Trout. The second day we were going to try to catch a Striper on camera, but Frank went to Austin that first night to visit some friends and came down with the "Cactus Flu".

When we filmed the KT Diaries show, river conditions were not so kind. It was a show that would highlight the Guadalupe Bass and it's Largemouth cousin. The first day we fished the middle Guadalupe on a private ranch. The river was higher than normal and at first Guadalupes were hard to come by. Ron caught the first ones, but KT was not having any luck. I finally gave him one of my Boogle poppers and he caught his Guad. The second day we filmed on a small creek at a christian retreat that Ron had access. The Largemouths were more accomdating that day and some large fish were landed.

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Re: Whitlock/Vibert Box Program

Post by Ron Mc » Mon Jan 29, 2018 5:47 pm

I remember both events a little differently.
Mick's great snapshot of me on the first (cold) morning of filming On The Rise - we got a dry snow that morning, and the wind was blowing 20 kts.
First day I was fishing my prewar Heddon 2f cane - my wind rod, a 6wt.
and another great Mick photo of Jimbo and Frank - Jimbo got him in the net almost immediately, but cool photo

Done by 11am the 2nd morning, cameraman would catch his first ever rainbow on my 1918 FE Thomas Special 4/5 wt (2nd day was a perfect blue norther result - dead calm and warm afternoon). I said something like shame on you to Frank for not taking his crew fishing before today.
My photos still have their property logs - photo above was 12/11/2008, photo below 12/12
It was the 3rd morning we were going to catch stripers and Frank was, um, under the weather. So we followed the state stocking wagon to the dam
and yes, Frank was calling our rainbows "Texas Steelhead" and loving every minute of the fishing.
I also get to claim being the only one who ever caught fish on cane rods in the series.
Both shows have great soundtracks of my click-pawl reels going off (we were wearing chest mics).
this photo was also 12/11 - I landed this fish while they were filming you with another fish

And No, we had Great water and Great fishing in both spots for KT Diaries - unfortunately, the Vimeo of True Texas Bass has been removed from the internet (and of course I have the DVD). This show was shot in summer of 2010, the fishing was My Call - did I ever take you on a bad trip anywhere? I use USGS to plan fishing, and know every bridge w/in 150 mi. I've only been doing this 40 years.
That's the joy of endemic bass in the hill country - if you find water you can wade, you'll catch fish - Guadalupe bass don't care, they live in crazy fast water. (different day, Center Point at 250 cfs)
Here's the original FFR thread on the topic - http://fiberglassflyrodders.com/forum/v ... 31&p=84372 posted a few days after the show was filmed. (you' need a browser hotlink fix to see the photos - http://www.grtu.org/forums/viewtopic.ph ... a3e7a33580 )

The producer did a great job linking this show to TPWD stocking, and she really had a lot of material to work with, filling edits between fishing with the Austin hatchery and stocking South Fork - and KT catching Giant alligator gar in the hatchery pond (KT - forget tarpon, I'm a Gar guide).

We caught bass from the first chute where we stepped in, and every 20' down from there for a half-mile. First edit on the river, I'm explaining to KT how to read and fish the chute (this is fishing the getting-in-chute a second time at the end of the day, when we're getting out)
And for our buddy Floyd Burkett, on this day I was fishing "The Guadalupe" cane rod he made for me (he made one for you, too).
Genuine tonkin cane and Texas mesquite

15" is a lunker endemic bass, any way you look at it, and we had one that size within the first half-hour that morning. KT wanted to fish a popper, rather than the slider from my box, and he had a blast with it when we got down to the skinny water. We pulled "Texas brook trout" right and left from the fast dolomite ruts in the cypress tunnel, just making roll-casts with down-and-across swing - no casting or stripping. KT commented that trout wouldn't live in water this fast.
These are Jimbo's photos - like I said, he was documenting the documentary - and what a great photo set.
From a different day, I have a beautiful photo of the cypress tunnel and fast dolomite run, and this is why I brought us here.
In the show, there's a great edit of wading down and fishing from the left flagstone shelf.
For that first day, KT was fishing my SA System 5 glass, Hardy Prince, carrying my Guest fishing bag, and even wore my shoes.
The only bad thing was hiking the dew-covered bank that morning - until it dried, the grass on the slope was burning our legs with alkali, and the only relief was getting in the river. (I'm hooked up to the 15" endemic bass in this photo)
I think this was the only chute where I expected to catch fish and didn't, but KT was catching bass in the shallow run on the right.

On Hondo Creek that second morning, we caught all the big bass they needed in 90 min - they had a lot of material to work with, including a bass picking up the fly off the bottom, and great underwater shots of releasing fish. We planned Hondo Creek from the outset, because the producer wanted shots of big fish on the episode - something bigger than our Texas brook trout (Guadalupe bass), which was the subject of the show.
I even picked Flying L Ranch in Bandera for their landing between days - they were very happy with it, and traded their overnight damages for a plug on the show.
Ron Mc

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