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Re: Back into the Mountains

Post by bruce02 » Mon Feb 19, 2018 12:05 pm

Little late response, but just saw Jimbo’s post. A cutthroat chasing road trip of epic proportions, with lots of long hikes. Searching for my favorite trout fishing, Cutthroats, especially on drys.

When I got to Jim’s days in WY Range area, realized may have missed some small stream cutthroat fishing when lived in Green River WY from 85 to ‘96. Particularly the east side of WY Range in desert valley east of the forest. Shorter drive from Green River than continuing to Greys River, which we fished much more.

West side (Star Valley/Salt River/Afton) was even farther, so seldom went there.

Although I drove up 189 many times, was usually headed to bigger Jackson/Yellowstone/SW MT rivers. (Joined close fishing friend that lived in Jackson).

I did fish Cottonwood Creek, Horse Creek, Labarge Creek, Hams Fork and other creeks flowing east from WY Range toward the Green river a little. Both upstream in the National Forest, and downstream in the valley. Was mostly all Brookies, and further downstream toward Green river, some browns and rainbows.

Remember TU was doing projects to try to restore Colorado Cutts in SW Wyoming. Perhaps based on your nice Cutt catches, the east slope WY Range Colorado Cutts have bounced back?

Often took a gravel road west from 189, between Big Piney and Daniel. It goes along Cottonwood creek in the open country part of way, but after some trials (brookies) usually kept going West in search of Cutts, up and over and into the Greys river valley; last part of road before Greys River along Sheep Creek. We fished middle / upper Greys not that far below Sheep Creek a lot. Sometimes camped there. Favorite spot was near Pearson creek. Was full of 100% Snake Cutts 12 to 16” mostly. Never caught any other trout type there. Wet wading. Almost no people (back then at least). Gravel road along river whole way.

Jimbo Roberts
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Re: Back into the Mountains

Post by Jimbo Roberts » Mon Feb 19, 2018 4:50 pm

I've fished the Greys and Little Grey's over the years and they are good waters. Like you most people are lured away from the Little Blue Lines to the River's with Famous Names. There is nothing wrong with fishing them. I too have fished some of those waters of the years. But as I got older I wanted to explore the places I didn't hear anything about. The possibilities of discovery led me to those Little Blue Lines and I ended up finding my place in the wilderness.


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