Historical Fisheries Studies and Research

This forum contains historical studies of the Guadalupe, newsletters and chapter activities
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Historical Fisheries Studies and Research

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Fish and Wildlife Resources of the Canyon Reservoir Project Guadalupe River Feb 1960

Fisheries Investigation and Surveys of the Waters in 2-B: June 18, 1965
http://www.grtu.org/archives/TPWD_Fish_ ... -18-65.pdf

Water Quality Data - 1966 - 1969: Importance that this was done when Canyon Lake was being completed

Job Progress Report -Evaluation of Catchable Rainbow Trout Fishery: 01 Feb 1967 - 31 Jan 1968
http://www.grtu.org/archives/TPWD_Catch ... _01-68.pdf

Job Progress Report - Evaluation of Catchable Rainbow Trout Fishery: 12 Nov 1968
http://www.grtu.org/archives/TPWD_Catch ... -12-68.pdf

Brown Trout Stocking Study, Guadalupe River - 7 Oct 1969

Job Progress Report - Evaluation of Catchable Rainbow Trout Fishery: 07 Oct 1969
http://www.grtu.org/archives/TPWD_Catch ... 0-7-69.pdf

Job Progress Report - Evaluation of Catchable Rainbow Trout Fishery: 23 Jul 1970
http://www.grtu.org/archives/TPWD_Catch ... -23-70.pdf

Howard A. Tanner Report to Texas Trout Unlimited: July 1970.
Dr. Tanner was the Dean of Michigan State Universtiy College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences
http://www.grtu.org/archives/MSU_Recomm ... _07-70.pdf

The Effect of a Deep Storage Reservoir on the Benthic Macroinvertibrate Community Guadalupe River, Texas 7 Aug 1971
The Influence of a Deep Storage Reservoir on the Species Diversity of Benthic Macroinvertibrate Communities of the Guadalupe River, TExas

Cost/Benefit Analysis of Rainbow Trout Fishery in Texas - Brazos River - 1973

Job Completion Report - Productivity Study of the Fishery of the Guadalupe River 09 Aug 1973
http://www.grtu.org/archives/TPWD_Produ ... 8-9-73.pdf

Effect of Striped Bass Predation on an Oklahoma Trout Fishery - 1977

TPWD: Comparison of Heat Tolerances of Rainbow Trout - 1980

Socio-Economic Value of the Trout Fishery in Lake Taneycomo, Missouri - 1982

Hagemann Creel Census Survey: 23 Jan 1988
http://www.grtu.org/archives/Hagemann_1 ... Census.pdf

Letter Concerning Introduction of Water Cress Proposal: 18 July 1989
http://www.grtu.org/archives/TPWD_RE-Wa ... -18-89.pdf

TPWD Recommendations for Aquatic Vegetation in the Guadalupe River
http://www.grtu.org/archives/TPWD_Aquat ... -25-89.pdf

Embrace a Stream Application- 1989
Embrace a Stream Proposal - 1989
Embrace a Stream Report - 1990

TPWD Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout in Texas: 1991

ODWC Economic Analysis of the Mountain Fork Trout Fishery, Southeastern Oklahoma

Oversummer Survival of Rainbow and Brown Trout in the Canyon Reservoir Tailrace: 1992
http://www.grtu.org/archives/TPWD_1992_ ... _Rslts.pdf

Injury,Survival and Growth of Rainbow Trout Captured by Electrofishing

Underwater Methods for Study of Salmonids in the inter-mountain West - 1994

Stream Channel Reference Sites: An Illustrated Guide to Field Techniques - 1994

An Evaluation of Causes for the Decline of the Lake Taneycomo Trophy Rainbow Trout Fishery

ODWC Economic Feasibility of a Year-round Trout Fishery Below Broken Bow Dam - 1994
ODWC Evaluation of a year-round trout fishery in the Mountain Fork River, Oklahoma - 1994

High Performance Aerating Weirs for Dissolved Oxygen Improvement Gary Hauser - 1995
Various Weirs are studied including the Labyrinth Weir at Canyon Dam

Trout Diet in the Guadalupe River - Honors Thesis- Karen Quinonez: Dec 1995
http://www.grtu.org/archives/Guad_Trout ... _12-95.pdf

Mayflies of the Guadalupe - 1996: Originally by Bud Priddy- Updated by Nick Wiersema

Proposal: Optimal Habitats and Food Preferences for Trout in the Guadalupe River . Thorpe Halloran: 11 Sep 1996

Fatty Acid Analysis Profile: 16 Sep 1996
A determination if young rainbow trout were stocked or reproduced in Guad.
http://www.grtu.org/archives/Guad_Fatty ... e_Anal.pdf

Diet Composition of Rainbow and Brown Trout in the Guadalupe River - B. Thorpe Halloran: 23 April 1997

Drift Composition and Gut Analyses of Rainbow Trout in the Guadalupe River- B. Thorpe Halloran: 23 Jan 1999
http://www.grtu.org/archives/Drift_Comp ... -23-99.pdf

Foraging of Introduced Rainbow Trout ... in the Guadalupe River- B. Thorpe Halloran: 11 Jan 2000
http://www.grtu.org/archives/Foraging_o ... -11-00.pdf

TPWD Canyon Reservoir Tailrace BVET Habitat Survey 2006
http://www.grtu.org/archives/Guadalupe_ ... ummary.htm

Survival of Rainbow Trout Fingerlings Stocked into the Special
Regulation Zone of the Canyon Reservoir Tailrace: 2007
http://www.grtu.org/archives/GuadalupeF ... gnelia.pdf

Application For COE Permit for Guadalupe Habitat Restoration 2010

Winter Diet Composition of Introduced Rainbow Trout and Macroinvertebrate Assemblages in the Guadalupe River, Texas 2011
http://www.grtu.org/archives/Guadalupe- ... -2011.html

The Status of Fish habitat in Texas-2011
The fish habitat assessment viewer the Guadalupe below Canyon Lake http://ecosystems.usgs.gov/fishhabitat/

Trimbelle River Headwaters Restoration Report, PRELIMINARY REPORT 2013
Kiap-TU-Wish Chapter, Wisconsin

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