COC Grant Request - Trimbell River Wsconsin

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COC Grant Request - Trimbell River Wsconsin

Post by LabRat » Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:04 pm

GRTU Members -

We have received a COC grant request from Greg Meyer of the Kiap-TU-Wish chapter in Wisonsin's driftless area.
The project is a restoration project that will reintroduce Native Brook Trout to the Trimbelle River, a high quality spring creek located in the driftless area of Western Wisconsin.

This project will stabilize severely eroding banks, provide in-stream cover, and increase spawning habitat. Stream bank tapering and plantings along the riparian strip will increase flood control/capacity and reduce the flow of sediment and pollutants into the stream. Narrowing and deepening the stream with rock will improve water quality and lower water temperature which will benefit reintroduction of Brook Trout. Bank stabilization with prairie grasses and in-stream habitat provided by lunker structures, plunge pools, and boulder clusters strategically placed within the stream will increase in-stream refugia and propagation opportunities for fish and stream wildlife. TUDARE6 emphasizes that restoration practices on cold-water Class II trout streams such as the Trimbelle have dramatic, immediate and long-term positive impacts to the stream and its wildlife. Upon completion, this project will restore approximately 4,392 feet of the Trimbelle.
In addition, one of the objectives would be to decrease erosion and sediment load to the Mississippi River.

GRTU would be one of several supporting organizations, and we have requested GRTU signage as well as a completion report when the project concludes.

The GRTU board approved the Kiap-TU-Wish grant request during the board meeting on Jan 26, 2013

This represents the seventh major Coldwater Conservation Outreach grant awarded by GRTU since the program's inception.
Previous grants were awarded to:
Trout Run Creek - Minnesota
South Platte River in Eleven Mile Canyon - Colorado
Los Alimitos Creek - New Mexico
Talarik Creek and the TU Pebble Mine Opposition Project - Alaska
Lower Mountain Fork River - Oklahoma * (funding temporarily returned )
Lake Yellowstone - Lake Trout mitigation
Mark Dillow

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