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Hill Country River and Stream Angler Survey Underway!

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2012 4:13 pm
by Z Thomas
Greetings from Texas Tech University:

The Texas Tech University Department of Biological Sciences and the Llano River Field Station in conjunction with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department have begun a survey to determine recreational angling effort (time spent fishing), gather information on angler attitudes and opinions, and evaluate the economic impact of angling in Hill Country rivers and streams. Anglers who have fished a Hill Country river or stream during the past 12 months are encouraged to participate in the survey. Anglers fishing smaller rivers, streams and creeks within the area of interest, are also encouraged to participate. Information from anglers who target Guadalupe bass, the state fish of Texas, is of special interest.

Anglers can participate in the survey through a link on the TPWD fishing web page or directly at

You can view the full TPWD News Release at

Zack Thomas