Opportunity to help a UT Grad Student - *Not GRTU Sponsored*

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Opportunity to help a UT Grad Student - *Not GRTU Sponsored*

Post by LabRat » Thu Mar 18, 2010 5:35 pm

I was contacted by UT grad student Laura Nettleton who is asking our charter for assistance on a project at school.

Laura is asking for digital photos and comments on those photos to "gain perspective on Texas fishing all around. My objective is to understand the lifestyle that comes with Texas fishing."

If you are interested and wish to participate, you can upload photos to Laura's Flickr group called "4 Texas Fishing". Members can upload photos/make comments. I think you have to become a member to Flickr first (it's free) and then join the group.

If you wish to contact Laura about her project, her email is laura.nettleton@gmail.com

This is not a GRTU sponsored activity. Members should use their own discretion about participation.
Mark Dillow

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