Another Crossing that will remain Nameless

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Jimbo Roberts
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Another Crossing that will remain Nameless

Post by Jimbo Roberts » Wed Jul 08, 2009 12:26 am

Trying to fish in temperatures at something less than 100 degrees is getting hard to do lately.
I see that tomorrow it's suposed to be 105 in San Antonio and not much better the rest of the week. So with today's forecast high of 98, it's time to jump in the R32 and explore more crossings.
So I drive to a crossing on the upper Guadalupe that I have never fished before and hope for the best.
I gear up with a short rod as this should be Cypress Tunnel fishing. I put on my poppers and start moving downstream. I don't know if it's the hot weather, this crossing, or the moon phase, but the fish are not responding to my popper like they have elsewhere. Well you don't have to hit me with a stick to get me to use the best "Go To" fly in the Hill Country, so on goes the Cat's Whisker in grey and olive. First little run I come to the fish agree the Cat's Whisker is better.....
The Green sunfish like it too.....
Lots of Bass come to hand all Brook Trout sized.....
A few Longears manage to get the hook in their mouths.....
I move downstream mainly catching smallish Bass and having more than my share of fun hooking and landing these acrobatic natives. I hit a long pool and because I'm fishing a floating line I add a split shot and continue aggravating the bass. These are mainly Guadalupes, but the occasional Largemouth turns up.
I keep moving downstream to see what lies ahead. I could spend more time trying to catch every Bass and Perch in the pool, but I would rather see what's around the next bend. I cover a bunch of water and before I know it I am a good mile or more downstream. And whether it's the distance from the crossing, the time of day, or whatever, the catching is improving. I come around a little bend. The water funnels and then dumps into a deep pool with a high bank on one side. I catch 3 Bass on the first 4 casts. All the usual size, but what fun! I am having the best luck casting upstream into the current and then stripping the fly back downstream. Most the strikes come just past the edge of the gravel bar where it drops into the deeper water. On the high bank on the opposite side there is a good eddy that is swirling back upstream into the shadows of the high bank. I catch a few average sized Bass there. I keep moving downstream still casting upstream into the shadows on the opposite side. There is a solid take and immediately my little rod is straining, bent all the way to the handle. The fish doesn't jump and I am beginning to wonder what I have on. Catfish maybe? I finally see it hugging the bottom. Its a Big Guadalupe. I manage to slide it up to the surface and grab it's lower jaw.....
Lifting it clear of the water, I realize it's my biggest Guadalupe of the year.....
I lay it next to the rod and make a mental note of it's lenght. I give it the old certified scale test and guess it's about 3 lbs.
I release it back into it's home and continue catching more of the average 8-12" Bass that is the dominate these waters. I continue on downstream hoping for another "Larger One". The scenery is what you come to expect on the Upper Guadalupe.....
Not that I'm complaining but you get a bit jaded seeing this all the time. More average size Bass come to hand.....
And I continue moving relatively fast downstream looking for the next perfect spot to hold a Larger Guadalupe.
The sun is getting lower on the horizon and as far as I am downstream I know it will take the better part of an hour to walk back to the car. So I take the high road and enjoy the deer running in front of me and the occasional Blue Heron disturbed by my presence.....
Back at the car I look at the place on the rod were I measured the Guadalupe and it's a solid 16" as best I can make it.
Life is Good!
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Alex Argyros
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Re: Another Crossing that will remain Nameless

Post by Alex Argyros » Wed Jul 08, 2009 7:19 am

Great story, Jimbo. And a very nice bass. Thanks.

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Re: Another Crossing that will remain Nameless

Post by TrentW » Wed Jul 08, 2009 8:09 am

Great report Jimbo. Nice Guads. Gotta love them!

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Re: Another Crossing that will remain Nameless

Post by BigCliff » Wed Jul 08, 2009 9:51 pm

Started out looking like that one spot I told you about, but I could tell further down it wasn't. Looks like a great spot and a great time.
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