Streamside (Gravel Bar?) Camping

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Streamside (Gravel Bar?) Camping

Post by jsrieck » Tue Aug 05, 2008 8:46 pm

I am planning on taking a two day trip down a river (just haven't picked the river yet!). I plan on spending the night either on shore (if below the high water mark) or on a mid stream gravel bar.

Any thoughts on gear? I am packing light and I expect good weather, should I forgo a tent and just bring a sleeping bag? If I end up on a gravel bar are there any tips for a comfortable sleeping arrangement?

I am mostly interested in the wisdom of experience that folks have culled from similar trips. What were you glad you brought? What did you wish you had brought? What should you have left behind?


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Post by TrentW » Wed Aug 06, 2008 9:56 am

Will you be in a kayak or canoe? This will dictate what amenities and necessities you will be able to carry on your trip. If you do not bring a tent you will want to bring a cot. (Tarp on standby if it rains) The TX ground is just to hard for sleeping bag only. Always bring some sort of cover for the rain. I have made this mistake more than once. (Yes, the forecast predicted clear skies with 0% chance of rain....) It depends mainly on your comfort level. For cheap starters you can by a blowup pool lounger for under $10 bucks and throw that in your tent.
Extra pair of clothes and shoes is always nice for nighttime. I can shoot you over a checklist if you like. Oh yeah, don't forget the Glenmorangie.

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