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Last day on the job

Posted: Sat Jun 21, 2008 10:12 pm
by pav
Friday was my last day on this sales job and I knew I was going to do my Kerrville route, so i brought my flyrods cause I was gonna come back on hi-way 16 and there was this honey hole right next to the road I wanted to try. It was about noon when I got there and I tied on a black Chips fathead minnow, changed into my shorts and ball cap and proceeded to fish and wham a nice chunky bass hit and broke my line, it was a nice fish. I worked my way around the lake and caught a few more bass, ranging from a pound to about 3. I also caught a few chunky perch. I got to this one part of the lake and it was about 12 feet deep and you could see to the bottom with all these fish. I could not resist so I jumped in and went for swim; after a few laps I got out and fished some more and caught some more perch. I was too wet to get into my truck so I changed back into my slacks and polo shirt and continued to get ready to leave, and all of a sudden I see one of those gas powered mules by Honda or something and the dude driving it had a badge. He thanked me for not keeping any of the fish and that he got a call that a naked man was at the lake, I said really and he said yes that 2 women where hiking and they saw me. I explained that i was just trying to relieve some stress and vacation a little. I told him it has been about a year that i have not done any fishing. He said he understood, and asked me if I was aware who owned this property, "no?" I said "Who?" "A battered women's shelter," the officer replied. He said they were not going to press charges cause they did not see much!!!! LOL