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Fly Fishing is the Common Denominator – Lise Lozelle

In the world of fly fishing there is currently a push to get more women involved in the sport. Companies are stepping up to make better gear designed to fit women, which believe me is a challenge, we come in lots of shapes and sizes. There are also more women specific programs, classes and trips being offered throughout the country.

Orvis is leading a movement called 50/50 on the water. The goal is to break down barriers and create gender parity. At GRTU, we too are trying to engage more women and grow our female membership. We also want to get more girls involved in fly fishing and conservation, and are looking to start a Stream Girls program at our chapter in the spring of 2019.

As an angler, business owner, board member and mom I support all efforts to include and inspire more women and girls to get into the sport. I have had countless conversations about women and fly fishing. And some of the most amazing people I have ever met are female anglers! For me, the conversation goes beyond women. I would like to believe that as passionate fly fishers we would want to introduce more people to the sport without intimidation. The fish don’t care if your male or female, how old you are or where you come from. As anglers we speak the same language, fly fishing! We are passionate about our fisheries, our gear and especially our fish stories. Let’s speak the language we know and inspire more people (men, women and children) to pick up a fly rod and get involved in the sport that connects us.

As Marketing Director for Casting for Recovery, I am lucky enough to see the magic of fly fishing in action every day! At CfR we hold fly fishing retreats for women with breast cancer around the country. We serve women of all ages and in all stages of treatment and recovery at no cost. It is amazing to see the healing and power of spending time on the water with a fly rod. A BIG heartfelt thank you to GRTU! Donations from Troutfest will help support three retreats in Texas this year.

Learn more about 50/50 on the Water here.

Learn more about SteamGirls here.

Learn more about Casting for Recovery here.

Lise Lozelle | GRTU Board Member

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