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Fishing Report – Jimbo Roberts

It’s the beginning of another season on the Guadalupe River. First let me catch you up on what happened since the spring.

Summer was pretty tough again on the fishery. Flows were ~55cfs most the summer with not much rain. That all changed in September. From September 1, we have had almost 23 inches of rain in San Antonio. Canyon Lake was about 7 feet low before the rains and at it’s highest hit 913.41’msl, more than 4 feet above pool. GBRA has cranked up the releases from the dam to 3000cfs to bring the lake back down. The real question I have which will be answered around Halloween. Will GBRA hold the lake at 910’msl, the recreational pool, or will they drop it down to the 909’msl normal pool? I am hoping they hold at 910’msl. We are just at the beginning of an El Nino in the pacific which could influence their decision. Normally El Nino’s bring more rain than normal in central Texas, but NOAA is kind if hedging that and saying just a little above normal here.

Even with the summer’s low flows and heat, we had good holdover down to Whitewater. These higher flows will certainly move these fish around, but most will stay above Rio. It will be interesting to see where these holdover Rainbows and Browns are caught once the flows drop. We have already arranged for the first two of three stockings. As in the past, all stockings will be announced to LAP members 10 days before the date and a topic will be placed on the forum for a head count.

The Lease Access Program lost 2 of last year’s sites; Scott’s and Gypsy, but I was able to pick up another site for a total of 16 for this season. The new site will be announced on the Forum and an email blast very soon. Of further note, I learned that TPWD will NOT be leasing Whitewater Sports/Amphitheater this year, so maybe fewer anglers will be up there hammering the tubers loop.

One thing for sure, we are going to see much higher releases from the dam for most of the winter.

I will again stress to not take chances. Before you go, CHECK THE FLOWS !!! At anything above 300cfs, if you are going to wade fish, you need to be a strong wader, and use your wading belt and wading staff. I am capable of wading up to 600cfs myself, but I am a strong wader, and I know where you can cross and where you cannot in these higher flows. Note that above 600cfs there are very few places you can cross the river. If you are not a strong wader, stay on the bank or do not venture far from it. Once GBRA starts dropping the flows the river should clear up as most of the silt should be pushed down to the coast. Use your wading staff to check the water’s depth in front of you before you take that next step. When the water clears up it’s deeper than it looks.

I plan to expand the sticky’s at the top of the Lease Forum. We will transfer the old “Lease Access Sites Info and Updates” to the new forum. It is always your reference for the specific rules for each LAP site. I will continually update it as things change, and it is your first destination for any question regarding LAP sites. Before you use a LAP site, check your reference materials, so you can abide by all the rules, and make it easier to retain sites for the future. (We lost Gypsy because of some members bad behavior)

The real big question in my mind; Will the lake stay above pool and will we get cold sustaining summer flows? I think is our best shot since 2010. And when we do get those cold sustaining summer flows, the summer fishing on the Guadalupe can be as good as anywhere in North America.

I’ll be on the water…..

Jimbo Roberts, VP of Fisheries

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