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GRTU – Double Haul for the Coast

Click here to support the GRTU Double Haul for the Coast Effort

While there has been an outpouring of support since Hurricane Harvey struck Texas, our fellow Texans on the coast continue to need help with the clean up and rebuilding efforts, and GRTU is launching an effort to do just that.

We are raising funds for building materials to haul to the coast and help with the work in cleaning up and hauling off debris. We have deemed this our GRTU Double Haul for the Coast program.

The GRTU Board of Directors has committed $2,500 directly from GRTU and we are working to raise more through a this “Double Haul for the Coast” T-shirt sales effort.

For each $25 donation, you will receive this limited edition T-shirt and 100% proceeds of will go the continued Hurricane Harvey Relief clean up and rebuilding efforts here in Texas.

Get your Men’s and Women’s Limited Edition T-shirt Today!

GRTU extends its thanks to Austin-based graphic designer and fly fisherman, Jose Canales of Canales & Co, who generously donated his time and expertise for the design. In the past his design work has been featured by brands like Costa and Yeti.

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