GRTU Annual Meeting – April 28, 2018

GRTU ‘s Annual Meeting will be held on April 28, 2018 at the Canyon Regional Recreation Center Building, 125 Mabel Jones Dr., Canyon Lake, TX. In addition to a review of Chapter Business, members present will be voting for new GRTU Board members and will be treated to fly tying and a presentation from local fly tying expert, Matt Bennett of Fly Geek Custom Flies. The full agenda is below and we hope to see you there.

9:00a – Tying Flies with Fly Geek, Matt Bennett. –
Come learn tricks of the professional fly tying trade from Jedi Master Matt Bennett. Matt will tie a few flies that are sure to help in your fly fishing pursuits.

10:00a – Chapter Business.
As part of this business update, the Nominations Committee will be recommending a slate of candidates for GRTU Board of Director positions. Those candidates are:
Ted Mendrek (2nd term)
Joe Zocchi (1st term)
Dave Haeusler (1st term)
Dustin Scott (1st term)

11:00a – “Matching the Hatch for the Texas Hill Country”
by Fly Geek, Matt Bennett. –
This presentation will focus on local forage and keys for incorporating feeding triggers into your flies that get fish to eat! Prey species profile, motion, camo, behavior, coloration and proper materials will all be covered. Matt will tie a selection of flies incorporating all of these elements into a final product and explain decision-making in the materials and techniques used, as well as proper fly design. While this focuses mainly on Central Texas fly fishing, its concepts are applicable just about anywhere.

12:00p – Bring your own sack lunch
Enjoy time with Chapter members and our guest speaker talking flies and fly fishing.

12:30p – GRTU Board Meeting